Poetry: Sensory

I know how to programme a computer to talk,

I know how to make a robot walk,

I know how to match the rubix faces,

But I don’t know how to tie my laces,

I can name every dinosaur,

I know each place I’ve been before,

I know how many books are on that library shelf,

But don’t ask me to organise myself,

I love every animal that I see,

I know that they feel that way about me,

I can say things so profound and wise,

Please don’t make me socialise,

Sometimes I want to be with my friends,

But sometimes I have to pretend,

I try so hard to copy their play,

But often I don’t know what to say,

I have some amazing skills,

I know answers that no one else will,

I can think outside the box,

I can feel my itchy socks,

I can hear noise all the time,

I can make any word rhyme,

I can feel the tiniest touch,

I’ve been told I fidget too much,

I might grow up to do something great,

I really don’t know my fate,

I wish you’d see every part of me,

Not just how you think I should be,

I feel things more than you do,

But that can be positive too,

I can’t be like everyone else,

Please just let me be myself.

Published by OutsideTheBoxHelen

Hi, I’m Helen this I am autistic, ADD & part of a neurodivergent family. I am also an academic in Autism research and a teacher. This is my blog about my journey through life while being an ‘outside the box’ person; sharing real life experiences, poetry and academic research on neurodivergence.

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