Poetry: Images

(This is written about an autistic photographer)

The hues and colours of this wonderous land are to you subdued and bland,

In tiny details I marvel and delight, each image has secrets of darkness and light,

I gently caress the landscape with my eyes, and in turn it reveals each amazing surprise,

Where you see only stretches of grey, I see contrast between newness and decay,

Each picture I take tells a tale, a stormy sea or a lush green vale,

A brilliant sunshine or a bubbling brook, a cosy fire, a quiet nook,

When you look out to the vast blue sea, does it shine like stars as it does for me?

When you look into the darkest wood, can you see the struggle between evil and good?

And when you walk on this amazing earth, do you treasure each moment for it’s true worth?

I am present when the lark flies overhead, I am present from morning until my bed,

I am one with the images which fill my soul, and capturing these moments makes me whole,

For me this is one small part, of healing my fragile heart,

And in turn I hope the things I do, heal a little part of you.

Published by OutsideTheBoxHelen

Hi, I’m Helen this I am autistic, ADD & part of a neurodivergent family. I am also an academic in Autism research and a teacher. This is my blog about my journey through life while being an ‘outside the box’ person; sharing real life experiences, poetry and academic research on neurodivergence.

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