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It is playtime again, a time where I am not safe, Thoughts cloud in my mind and I cannot face, The loneliness I feel, the utter rejection, Everyone fits in here – but I’m the exception, It churns in my stomach that I am so hated, I’ve done nothing to earn it, it was just…

Intersectionality: ableism/racism

For people dealing with the intersectionality of ableism and racism we face layers of barriers. Often invisible to both ourselves and others, these isms are hidden in the decisions of gatekeepers within institutions and organisations. How does this come to be? Decisions which are made every day in small incremental ways – like tiny raindrops…

Words matter: choose them carefully

The words society uses to describe neurodiverse people tells a story. These words are written on reports, they are splashed across posters and they are said out loud. Words perpetuate myths and paint a picture for everyone to see. Society cannot expect to use negative language to describe individuals and not consider the impact words…

Ethnic minorities – autism and ADHD

Throughout my life my ethnicity has masked my autism and ADHD. When I was young my inability to fit in was attributed to the fact that I grew up in a predominantly white area, my difficulties in sports were deemed to be due to me being of small Indian build (when in actuality I was…


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Hi, I’m Helen this is my eclectic blog about my journey through life while being an ‘outside the box’ person; sharing real life experiences, poetry and academic research on neurodivergence.

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