Intersectionality: ableism/racism

For people dealing with the intersectionality of ableism and racism we face layers of barriers. Often invisible to both ourselves and others, these isms are hidden in the decisions of gatekeepers within institutions and organisations. How does this come to be? Decisions which are made every day in small incremental ways – like tiny raindropsContinue reading “Intersectionality: ableism/racism”

Ethnic minorities – autism and ADHD

Throughout my life my ethnicity has masked my autism and ADHD. When I was young my inability to fit in was attributed to the fact that I grew up in a predominantly white area, my difficulties in sports were deemed to be due to me being of small Indian build (when in actuality I wasContinue reading “Ethnic minorities – autism and ADHD”

Positive environments for outside the box children

Alongside all the positive aspects of being autistic there are also many struggles and I am often struck by the lack of support afforded to parents and individuals in our society when it comes to autistic struggles. This is not to say people are not trying to understand it is just they cannot possibly understandContinue reading “Positive environments for outside the box children”

An open letter to anyone else who is ‘outside the box’

I wanted to write to you because I wanted to share something with you. I heard that you have had some struggles. I do not know how it is all going now but I wanted to reach out and tell you my story. I do not know if it will help or resonate but hereContinue reading “An open letter to anyone else who is ‘outside the box’”